Holly W.

As a mid-level leader with a high-achieving personality and an active, young family, I felt like the walking definition of Superwoman syndrome. I tried countless strategies to find more balance and satisfaction in the things that demanded my time. It wasn’t until I started working with Pamela that I realized what I really needed — help. It simply was not possible to achieve or sustain the level of success and balance that I wanted on my own.

Pamela’s coaching helped me develop a new approach and mindset. She helped me to focus on the quality of my relationships, my career and all the other things I wanted to be doing well, instead of managing the quantity. With Pamela’s support, I obtained a new level of satisfaction and capability, without sacrificing my personal high-bar. I became a more effective leader at work, met my personal goals faster, and started having more fun in my life. I watched the weight of my stress lift off my family.

I honestly couldn’t have made this journey on my own, and am so grateful to Pamela. Her mentorship was truly a key to my success. 



Mary E.

I was lucky to be able to work with Pamela when I was at a point in my career where I knew I was capable of doing more, but just didn’t have the confidence I needed to put myself out there. I often felt like I was just trying to please others and felt like I had lost my own intuitive sense to do what I thought was best. It was hard to keep up and I felt like I was losing myself.

With Pamela’s guidance I found myself reaching beyond my comfort zone and trusting my intuition again. Her honesty and encouragement helped me find the confidence I needed to lead my team while staying true to myself. Her genuine, trusting advice empowered me to build on my strengths to flourish at work and in my personal life. She truly cares about the success of others and understands that true happiness involves being authentically yourself.



Pamela D.

The great thing about Pamela is she speaks from experience, she found ways to balance work, health, family and an executive level job, so she really knows what she’s talking about. 

I had Superwoman Syndrome for sure, trying to be a great mom to my two small kids while working full-time outside the home, plus trying to climb the corporate ladder at a new company. When I asked Pamela the best advice for balancing it all, she said simply, “Have a sense of humor,” and that stuck with me. She’s such a great coach and her fierce positivity will make you stay positive too! Laughing about things is a lot more fun than crying (and I’ve done my share of crying). 

Pamela also advised me to teach my kids to do some things on their own, to make sure my manager knows all that I’m juggling, and to take some time for myself, which sounds impossible with two littles, but it is possible, and SO worth it. During the pandemic, I started running every weekday morning. I get the kids’ clothes out and let my husband handle getting them up and dressed. That short time is so refreshing for my body and spirit. I’m still not at zen and balanced as Pamela on everything, but hopefully one day I’ll get there!