My Story


Pamela Martin, Integrative Nutrition and Wellness Coach

In a sense, I look at life as a wonderful gift, a daily adventure and I don't take anything for granted. I have a lot of faith, and a lot of laughter to share. Most people describe me as grounded, calm and steady. I am also creative and willing to take risks. 

My journey in life has been amazing. 

I have had my share of ups and downs. But, I know now, that the tough things came into my life during different seasons-- for good reason. The tough times gave me perspective, inner strength, faith and the ability to be resilient in so many other situations. They also shaped me to be the coach I am today.  

We tend to learn the most about our inner strength, universal wisdom and the gift of finding an inner peace that is unshakeable when we go through tough transitions, new paths, and situations that we can't control. 

I  had a very long corporate career and loved that for many reasons. Working was fantastic and I loved the challenge. I always found it exciting to try new roles and lead a group. 

Today I focus full time on helping other women live healthy and happy lives, that empower them, strengthen them and bring them peace.

There were so many times as a corporate executive and mom, that I just wanted a third party, personal coach... for support, guidance, or understanding along the way.  I always wanted someone outside work or my immediate family to help me stay true to myself, and to remind me to keep myself balanced and healthy in my food goals and the choices I made in relationships, work assignments, and personal growth. 

Let me help you achieve your greatest dreams and enjoy every step along the way as your personal health coach, accountability partner and listening ear. Life is about the journey and you can love every part of it. 

I am here for you. Just give me a call.